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The history of Moustiers Ste Marie
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Medieval Moustiers Ste Marie sits between two high cliffs close to the north-western edge of the Gorges du Verdon, the Lac de Ste Croix and the lavender fields of the Valensole plateaux.
It enjoys a dry and mild climate, very pure air and blue skies.
It is one of the official "Plus Beaux Villages de France" or "Most Beautiful Villages of France", famous for its earthenware and his hanging star.

 The legend of the star ...

According to a legend dating back to the twelfth century, the Chevalier de Blacas leaving for the Crusades promised to the Virgin Mary to install such a chain (227 meters long) if he returned safely home... and he kept is promise.

Today you can admire the hanging star above the village

The star

 Earthenware ...

The fine style of Moustiers ceramic is easily recognizable for its delicate, predominantly blue, white and yellow designs. When the sun king Louis XIV ask for gold and silver to be melted down to finance is war projects and luxury tastes, Chinaware became fashionable instead, and Moustiers tableware was trized all over Europe.
Later on, competition on England and elsewhere put the Moustiers potters out of business. But in teh early twenthy century, the tradition was revived and now prospers again - thanks to Marcel Provence known as the man who re-started the first oven in Moustiers. Today the ceramics are produced by a dozen or so local artisans.
The newly refurbished pottery museum "Musée de la faience" reopened recently.